Friday, February 13, 2009

Getting started

Tonight , i will go to bed as early as i can because i almost spend so many hours in the computer last night. I did trial and error to customize of my layout and because of doing that i got some idea but is not much for me to know everything about blogging. I am barely new here so i am trying to study and learn the step by step method. My little angel woke me up so early in this morning and i have no choice but to keep up with her. mean to say i don't get enough time for my to sleep. Now, I am exhausted because i didn't get a chance to take a cat nap. I am thinking to study on how to delete or removed a certain program that i don't like. I know how to removed a program if this only a a microsoft windows but since i am using a other os i have to know and study it.. whew!!!