Saturday, February 28, 2009

Thanks my firefox is working good so far

I am back from one day break to my computer because firefox kept crashing and i cant write/post a blog and didn't have chance also to visit other blog to glance their interesting story or topics they got. luckily the firefox works fine while doing and posting this blog maybe because i downloaded a new one. I am very worried because i thought i screwed my hubby apple mac computer (lol) and he was not happy about it because the time he used his computer he told me the internet browser of safari always shutting down and he was really upset with me. I told him maybe there's a virus on it. I chatted to dhemz who's also a well known clver gal blogger here(sshhh..dont tell to anybody) and i shared my problem about the computer and i was so happy because she's been very helful with me. She gave a link which is a apple support website that i very often to see of my two big brown eyes (LOl) but i just ignored it because i thought its just only a online store. Then i got so many great information while reading and watching video of their online support website and i was suprised because i found out that apple mac is virus free. Oh gosh i have cold and its started yesterday afternoon and i am not too happy to have cold. I guess i badly needed to take a rest for couple of days but i guess i am hooked with blogging. It boots my mental memory specially in english language.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Swimming outfit

Spring will be coming in our way 4 weeks or so from now. This is one of the things i bought from shopping spree of my mother in law and me. Most of it i have to hide because its lingerie (lol). I got this cute swim wear at target for only $ 10.oo. Isn't cute? I enrolled my sweetie baby to a swimming lesson last year of April at YMCA not far from our community. A swim class of mommy and me(baby). Our first day in swimming class i met lots of toddlers and mommies. Different races and ethnicity yet living in the USA. My baby really don't feel like to join or participate in a swim class but after 15 minutes she felt comfortable to the swimming pool and she started playing toys and doing some nursery rhymes. It's very fun and enjoyable . I know my sweetie baby will always be have a pleasant day and happy every time we go to her swim lesson. One thing i love the most is after the swim class and she got dress and eat. She promptly go to sleep.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


I am trying my best and chose the cutie pie photos of little angel because i want to join a photo contest but my biggest problem is every time that i am ready to upload her pictures my internet browser of firefox and safari kept crashing. (Jeez and upset). I tried 10 times to do upload the pic but didn't work out so i stopped. So i sent my question to firefox and safari. Asking about my internet browser is kept crashing every time i want to upload a pic in certain website. I gave my email address to them and hopefully they will reply me and answer my question as soon as they can.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I am pretty tired tonight while creating this post. I spend my entire day working household chore, running errands laundry, cooking and taking care my little one.( whoa) finally, i almost done everything but not at all. I have to continue working household tomorrow specially laundry. Blogging every night before ill go to bed it makes my body and mind feel relax even just only minutes or so. Hopefully i can do more blog hopping tomorrow if i have still time or energy to do it. See yah around.

Monday, February 23, 2009

"Very inspiring love story of a couple"

hey guys :D do you want to watch a very inspiring love story of a couple? I just watched a while ago the video and make me really inspired and admire the lovely couple because despite the obstacle and hindrances they encountered in their life. They still continues hoping that everything they want in their life is will be occur someday. The man cant walk because he got polio and the woman cant see anything because she's blind. Well, if you're interested to watch the video here's the link and copy and paste it in the URL or location where the web address is.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our USCIS experienced

I'd like to share our experienced to USCIS. I know this would be interesting or get other people attention to read my blog because let's face it. The real truth is we don't really read all the blogs of others blogger or maybe if they do is because they catch their attention like interest on the blog. Me honestly, i rarely read other blogs maybe because i dont feel like to read or because i didnt find interesting or i really don't know the person(Blogger) and sometimes lack of time because it's hard to spend long hours in the computer and my baby needed my time. Though i wanted to do but i cant hardly do it. BTW, i am not asking nor forcing other's to read my blog. This is just only my opinion. LOL( peace). Anyway, me and my hubby got married at las vegas before to expired my visa as fiancee. After were married we immediately apply/file to USCIS to adjust my status here in the usa. I received a letter from USCIS a request for applicant to appear for initial interview last january this year. My application is for me to register a permanent residence or adjust status. My hubby, daughter and I came an hour before our interview to the office of USCIS in downtown LA. After i dropped off my letter to the window my complete name called and the guy at work in the office told us that my papers or document is not already here. Mean to say they cant make a interview because our document is not around yet in the office. 3 weeks after i received a call from the lady working in the USCIS. She told me my document is already there and they're ready to interview us. I ask a favor because my husband is hardly ask a day off or ask a leave of absent to his job because he's studying and its hard for him to missed a lecture. The lady said ok and she gave us one week before our interview. Then we come back to USCIS and we dont have a proof that we have a interview that day because we dont have a letter from their office and aside from that i didnt ask thecomplete name of the lady officer who gave us an appointment. (my fault because i didnt ask). So we come back home for the second time around nothing happen. I learned my lesson that next time anything regarding to USCIS i will ask the complete name whoever gave us an apoointment. We made a phone call to USCIS national customer service to let know them know that we showed up our appointment but because we dont have a proof of letter that we have a appointment interview the guard wont let us to come in even in the window to talk somebody working in the office. Me and my hubby anxious that we might have a penalty but we explained everything on what happen to the customer service person we'd talked.Now i got a new letter about my case and we need make us an appointment. So tomorrow we will going to the house of my mother in law to make an appointment in the internet(website of USCIS) to use her computer and printer because to be able to make an appointment need to have a printer and we don't have one yet. That's it. Good luck to our interview.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A surrogate doggie mother to little kitten

Hey guys :D how's everybody's doing?! This video taken when i was still in my parents house. If i am not mistaken this video recorded last may of 2007 to be exact is not far from election day. Well, i am happy to share with you guys this funny and crazy video i had before in my digital camera. Actually i really want to upload it in my Youtube account suddenly it didnt work out because my video is avi. and youtube is only accept flv. Anyway, my dog name baby bear gave birth to 6 litte tiny puppies and i was walking in our neighborhood is saw a little kitten. I guess it own by one of my neighbor and they dont feel like to have small cat in their home. So what they did is they throw away or they leaved the baby kitten in the street. The time i saw the baby kitten i didn't think twice to take care of it because i said to myself i can just get a milk and put in the bottle so the kitten can drink a milk and it's happen to be very good situation to the kitten because my doggie baby bear have milk and guess what my dog was very kind and generous to her because she allowed to get milk from her. Pretty bizzare. Isn't. the funny side is the baby kitten is also trying to get milk to the puppies..

Friday, February 20, 2009

at & t Go phone

Me and my husband arguing about the load or the money left in his prepaid cellphone. I know his remaining balance will be expire tomorrow and i said to him i will going to use your cellphone to use the remaining load of 50 bucks. He asked me why i m going to use his remaining balance of his prepaid cellphone and I answered him its better to use it than lose it. I know unused money or load on his cellphone will be forfeited after the expiration date of the prepaid card and he said to me the money left in my cellphone will not expired and i did not believed what he said and i asked him how come it wont expired? I know all prepaid card had a expiration date and still , i insisted my opinion about the any amount of balance left on his cellphone will be lose. So he went to the at & t to refill his prepaid cellphone. He went back from the store and he told me that there's no money left in his cellphone and he said to me he already refilled a 25 bucks. I asked him who told you that? He said the lady working in the at & t. I told him the lady lied to you because i am pretty sure there's still 50 bucks left in his load and when i checked it i showed to him how much money now he got in his cellphone. He have 75 bucks of load. He did not tell anything because he know that i am 100% correct but after i saw the receipt of the prepaid card he bought i found out that my hubby is right. ( Geez ) I was wrong and pretty shameful for myself. Its true it wont expired as long as you will refill a new prepaid card before the current balance expires and any amount of money left to your account will be automatically added to your new existing load and new expiration is the new prepaid you reload to your cellphone.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Shopping spree

Hey guys how's your day today? Mine, its been very great and so much fun. My cutie pie baby, my mother in law and I went shopping spree today. It's a lunch time so the three of us went to the roman's "Macaroni Grill" its a Italian restaurant and their food is so delicious specially i love the bread because they served warm and you have to dip first into Italian oil and some kind of a soy sauce because it's color black but it taste a little bit sweet and gosh it's so yummy i cant resist. The one thing i really enjoyed and wont forget is listening to the Italian music. While waiting to our other food to be serve we saw a server singing a Italian music to the other customer who's celebrating their birthday inside in the restaurant. What a treat?! Is just like giving your yummy birthday cake with a candle on it and sing you a Italian birthday song. (Isn't sweet). We're pretty satisfied and for sure we will coming back anytime soon. I spent my 100 dollar in only one day buying educational books and swimsuit for angela and some kitchen ware for our house. I don't like to spend almost 100 bucks in my wallet but i just did it.(lol) oh yea my mother in law bought me a swimsuit because my swimming lesson will be start soon.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My little angel

This is my little angel :). She was 5 months old when i recorded this wonderful video of her. Isn't cute little voice of her? I am pretty sure she will be like it and appreciate this cute little things of her. I cant imagine when she was still on my womb and now every time i look at her i said to myself she's growing so fast. I am hoping and wish that she will be a very good daughter/person.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


My swollen ankle is not fully healed and here's the incoming problem that i had to deal with. My bebe little angel had a cold and runny nose and because of that she got fever. Gosh! it makes me unhappy because I just had a sprained and now my little one is sick. I gave her a small amount of tylenol and i am hoping her fever will not stay longer. To have sick is not fun at all because my baby has no appetite to eat. All she want is only milk. I want to spend my spare time here or i would say spend more hours to read interesting topic or glance other blogger web page but i don't think i can specially of my baby. She really needs my total loving and care as a momma. Anyway, i will wait the right time come for me to do something.

Monday, February 16, 2009

OUch sprained

Just got home from the doctor's check up because i had a swollen ankle due to sprained. It happen yesterday night. So today i went to urgent care and the good thing is the doctor told me is nothing to worry because is no broken bone in my ankle and after i heard it i said to myself it's a relief because i am worry about my ankle specially if there's a broken bone. Anyway, Thank god because nothing to worry at all. I will just follow and do the physician advice with me. So i can cope up with pain and to be heal as soon as quickly.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valetine gift

These is what i got red roses, see's chocolate candies and valentine card from my hubby. Isn't sweet?( hehehe). See's candies is one of the expensive chocolate you can buy. Actually my hubby handed to me the chocolate candies 4 days before the celebration of valentine day and this is my first time to taste the chocolate candies and wow its really delicious. I know Lots of fat and calories i can get from the chocolate candy but i just cant stopped eating it. I tried to avoid and hide the chocolate for me not to eat the chocolate everyday but my silly head is always wants to taste and eat the very flavorful candy.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine dinner

It's pity valentine day for me. Our first valentine together of me and my hubby but we ended up going back home. My mother in law made a phone call reservation of the one of fine restaurant name "Black Angus" ahead before and we went there we see filled up so many customers in line to make a reservation seat plus others customer waiting for about an hour or more than an hour waiting their name to be called. My hubby ask for our reservation seat to the lady who's a receptionist in the restaurant and she said wait for 45 minutes and since i don't wait for 45 minutes inside of the restaurant what we did is we just walk around to the lowe's since they're not far from the restaurant. Were in the lowe's for about 15 minutes and we went back to the restaurant and ask if were already to sit down. the lady said we just had might called your name but you're not just around so our reservation seat put in the bottom list. So we decided not to wait another time just to seat and eat. The good thing is my hubby compromise to me that we will back sometimes in this week because it wont be crowded.I can't wait for another week because i really love the yummy food in the black angus restaurant.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Getting started

Tonight , i will go to bed as early as i can because i almost spend so many hours in the computer last night. I did trial and error to customize of my layout and because of doing that i got some idea but is not much for me to know everything about blogging. I am barely new here so i am trying to study and learn the step by step method. My little angel woke me up so early in this morning and i have no choice but to keep up with her. mean to say i don't get enough time for my to sleep. Now, I am exhausted because i didn't get a chance to take a cat nap. I am thinking to study on how to delete or removed a certain program that i don't like. I know how to removed a program if this only a a microsoft windows but since i am using a other os i have to know and study it.. whew!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Using windows to mac os

Can you guess what i feel in this image? Angry or confused? I am felt angry and confused because i am computer savvy of windows. I left my computer at our house and then i came here in the united states i started using my husband computer of apple mac (os) operating systems. The first time i used it i said why is so complicated this computer?! I just continue using it because i have no choice because i don't have my own.(LOL). Every time i want to use the right click of mouse because i want to copy and paste something it didn't work well though i highlighted the subject. So what i did i studied the shortcut key of keyboard and finally i got and learned. I have seen and read of one of blogger site and she said about on how to create or change the template of the blog and she mentioned about browser so i tried downloading a mozilla firefox browser . But i dont have a time to finish all her very interesting topic because of my little angel want's to occupy me. I used safari internet browser and i very notice the big difference of mozilla firefox from safari. Most specially when i check the blogger site. I really confused because i said why other bloggers can upload their pic and why i can't do.Every time i want to create or post a blog i didnt see any options or buttons to choose like font,numbers,dots,check spelling,upload pic,video and so forst before i used the mozilla.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Thank you grace"

I started making a blog since october 2008 but i just easily discouraged not to conitnue creating a blog because i cant even upload a picture of myself in my profile. In some reason it take so many hours to upload and still it didnt upload the picture. and i said i dont want to continue blogging. I have known this blogger website thru of my internet friend from sacramento california. we have met through the social networking website that connects people, friends, relatives and all over the world. we exchange email and we chat each other and talk about making blogging. So i already posted a four blogs but then i quit because of my impatience attidude. I have chatted to one of my web friend and we met also to social networking website name friendster and she told me how happy she was when she got her first cheque thru blogging. I am so insecure and feeling envy to her because i am the first one who created making a blog but then i stopped blogging. Now here me again starting from the beginning to make a blog. I hope i just can make it through and "Dont quit". It is really true the meaning of "NO GUTS NO GLORY". Beside creating a blog everyday is a one thing that i can practice to make my English and vocabulary very good. Grace from nashville TN i would like to say thank you so much you really inspired my mind to continue making a blog..Once again..thank you so much.