Saturday, February 28, 2009

Thanks my firefox is working good so far

I am back from one day break to my computer because firefox kept crashing and i cant write/post a blog and didn't have chance also to visit other blog to glance their interesting story or topics they got. luckily the firefox works fine while doing and posting this blog maybe because i downloaded a new one. I am very worried because i thought i screwed my hubby apple mac computer (lol) and he was not happy about it because the time he used his computer he told me the internet browser of safari always shutting down and he was really upset with me. I told him maybe there's a virus on it. I chatted to dhemz who's also a well known clver gal blogger here(sshhh..dont tell to anybody) and i shared my problem about the computer and i was so happy because she's been very helful with me. She gave a link which is a apple support website that i very often to see of my two big brown eyes (LOl) but i just ignored it because i thought its just only a online store. Then i got so many great information while reading and watching video of their online support website and i was suprised because i found out that apple mac is virus free. Oh gosh i have cold and its started yesterday afternoon and i am not too happy to have cold. I guess i badly needed to take a rest for couple of days but i guess i am hooked with blogging. It boots my mental memory specially in english language.


shydub said...

Hi mhae how are you doin guys, visiting here. Have a nice week for you and your cute pretty baby.

Handycrafts said...

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