Friday, February 20, 2009

at & t Go phone

Me and my husband arguing about the load or the money left in his prepaid cellphone. I know his remaining balance will be expire tomorrow and i said to him i will going to use your cellphone to use the remaining load of 50 bucks. He asked me why i m going to use his remaining balance of his prepaid cellphone and I answered him its better to use it than lose it. I know unused money or load on his cellphone will be forfeited after the expiration date of the prepaid card and he said to me the money left in my cellphone will not expired and i did not believed what he said and i asked him how come it wont expired? I know all prepaid card had a expiration date and still , i insisted my opinion about the any amount of balance left on his cellphone will be lose. So he went to the at & t to refill his prepaid cellphone. He went back from the store and he told me that there's no money left in his cellphone and he said to me he already refilled a 25 bucks. I asked him who told you that? He said the lady working in the at & t. I told him the lady lied to you because i am pretty sure there's still 50 bucks left in his load and when i checked it i showed to him how much money now he got in his cellphone. He have 75 bucks of load. He did not tell anything because he know that i am 100% correct but after i saw the receipt of the prepaid card he bought i found out that my hubby is right. ( Geez ) I was wrong and pretty shameful for myself. Its true it wont expired as long as you will refill a new prepaid card before the current balance expires and any amount of money left to your account will be automatically added to your new existing load and new expiration is the new prepaid you reload to your cellphone.