Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine dinner

It's pity valentine day for me. Our first valentine together of me and my hubby but we ended up going back home. My mother in law made a phone call reservation of the one of fine restaurant name "Black Angus" ahead before and we went there we see filled up so many customers in line to make a reservation seat plus others customer waiting for about an hour or more than an hour waiting their name to be called. My hubby ask for our reservation seat to the lady who's a receptionist in the restaurant and she said wait for 45 minutes and since i don't wait for 45 minutes inside of the restaurant what we did is we just walk around to the lowe's since they're not far from the restaurant. Were in the lowe's for about 15 minutes and we went back to the restaurant and ask if were already to sit down. the lady said we just had might called your name but you're not just around so our reservation seat put in the bottom list. So we decided not to wait another time just to seat and eat. The good thing is my hubby compromise to me that we will back sometimes in this week because it wont be crowded.I can't wait for another week because i really love the yummy food in the black angus restaurant.


Dhemz said...

hahhah....what a day...sayang naman..oks lang sis..may ibang time pa naman..honga ano..first time nyo pa naman sana yon...oks lang...hheheh! sarap din sa black angus...medyo mamahalin nga lang...hehhe...cant wait din for you..excited din ako for you...hhhehehe!

Mommy's Girl said...

ganun di natuloy kami dito lang sa house mag computer maghapon haaha