Thursday, February 19, 2009

Shopping spree

Hey guys how's your day today? Mine, its been very great and so much fun. My cutie pie baby, my mother in law and I went shopping spree today. It's a lunch time so the three of us went to the roman's "Macaroni Grill" its a Italian restaurant and their food is so delicious specially i love the bread because they served warm and you have to dip first into Italian oil and some kind of a soy sauce because it's color black but it taste a little bit sweet and gosh it's so yummy i cant resist. The one thing i really enjoyed and wont forget is listening to the Italian music. While waiting to our other food to be serve we saw a server singing a Italian music to the other customer who's celebrating their birthday inside in the restaurant. What a treat?! Is just like giving your yummy birthday cake with a candle on it and sing you a Italian birthday song. (Isn't sweet). We're pretty satisfied and for sure we will coming back anytime soon. I spent my 100 dollar in only one day buying educational books and swimsuit for angela and some kitchen ware for our house. I don't like to spend almost 100 bucks in my wallet but i just did it.(lol) oh yea my mother in law bought me a swimsuit because my swimming lesson will be start soon.


Sweet Girl said...

swimming lesson ikaw di marunong mag swimming? sis hmmm