Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Thank you grace"

I started making a blog since october 2008 but i just easily discouraged not to conitnue creating a blog because i cant even upload a picture of myself in my profile. In some reason it take so many hours to upload and still it didnt upload the picture. and i said i dont want to continue blogging. I have known this blogger website thru of my internet friend from sacramento california. we have met through the social networking website that connects people, friends, relatives and all over the world. we exchange email and we chat each other and talk about making blogging. So i already posted a four blogs but then i quit because of my impatience attidude. I have chatted to one of my web friend and we met also to social networking website name friendster and she told me how happy she was when she got her first cheque thru blogging. I am so insecure and feeling envy to her because i am the first one who created making a blog but then i stopped blogging. Now here me again starting from the beginning to make a blog. I hope i just can make it through and "Dont quit". It is really true the meaning of "NO GUTS NO GLORY". Beside creating a blog everyday is a one thing that i can practice to make my English and vocabulary very good. Grace from nashville TN i would like to say thank you so much you really inspired my mind to continue making a blog..Once again..thank you so much.


Anonymous said...

haha ikaw talaga anyway kahit wala ng pic ok na din yun

Dhemz said...

hahhaha...kakaloka talaga ito...glad you are back sis....good to know....see you around!