Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What will you do if your fiance/fiancee dumped you?

The Bachelor Jason Mesnick a 32 years old and single dad engaged to his fiancee, Bachelor winner Melissa Rycroft suddenly Jason promptly change his mind and chose molly. I know lots of guys out there is also been watching this show and i am one of the million viewers of the bachelor. Anyway ,I'm hardly think myself as Melissa. I know she having a hard time to cope up her feeling.
Is just like a material thing that if not useful enough or cant be used anymore its easily to dumped it out. Its really difficult for the person you really love more than yourself and he will just dumped you out just like a trash. I do still remembered my past horrible experienced with my ex boyfriend. I thought he's the best person I've ever met and would make my life very complete and happy. But the worst part the time he told me about he needed a space for him to think about everything for his future. I wondered why i am not included to his future plan. I always had a very positive mind and optimistic about our relationship though it seems to be not smooth. So we broke up and i almost forget that i am still breathing on my own. You know what i mean i just don't want to live anymore. Sounds stupid and weird but i am not the only one in this world. Luckily and very thankful to god because he sent me a loving person and very deserving to be part of my book's page of life. Many people said their reactions, opinions and comments regarding on the show but my me i would say i am certainly felt on Melissa's feeling. I know she will find the best person and deserving for her love.